dj rhettmatic: j dilla whatupdoe mix vol.3

You know we never get tired of hearing a new dope mix…especially when it has anything to do with J Dilla, let alone mixed by one of our favorite DJs Rhettmatic! If you didn’t catch this release yesterday, you need to get hear it NOW. Two words to describe this mix: HEAD BANGER.

Thank you Rhett & thank you Jay Dee.

You can check out the Stones Throw post here and see what Rhettmatic had to say about this volume 3…

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crate diggers: dj rhettmatic’s vinyl collection

In this episode, DJ Rhettmatic shows off his favorite records, including a rare promotional copy of Prince’s “The Family.” He also talks about the history of the Beat Junkie crew wearing Green Lantern rings.

Crate Diggers profiles people with extraordinary vinyl record collections, with owners displaying and telling the stories behind their collections.

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mixtape mondays – whatupdoe

Well everyone, it’s getting closer to the time of the year where we get to celebrate the life of James “J Dilla” Yancey…DILLA MONTH! Although throughout the year, his presence is known, felt and most definitely appreciated, there are the 2 days we respectfully acknowledge; his birthday, Feb. 7, 1974 and the day he began resting peacefully, Feb. 10, 2006. We have been overwhelmed with the amount of remixes and mixes DJs have put together of anything and everything Dilla had his hands on, and I can honestly say we NEVER get tired of old ones and look forward to hearing new ones. On that note, here is a 35 minute mix DJ Rhettmatic put together a while back called “WHATUPDOE”. Short and sweet…Thank you Rhettmatic, and Thank you Jay Dee.

Check out what Rhett had to say about this mix after the jump…

Download: DJ Rhettmatic – WHATUPDOE 09 (The J Dilla MiniMegaMix)

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mixtape mondays… on a tuesday – wonderlove

We couldn’t find the right mix to post yesterday but then we woke up this morning and saw this! Perfect timing! DJ Rhettmatic of the World Famous Beat Junkies just dropped this Stevie Wonder Mixtape called “Wonderlove”. I say it’s perfect timing because we just recently dropped our new “Wonder Years” tee. So enjoy the mix and pick up a shirt right here!

Download: DJ Rhettmatic – Wonderlove

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